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Categories: Film, Cosplay

This dress was one of my big dream cosplays to make one day. I have been a massive fan of Phantom Of The Opera for over 10 years now and I still remember falling in love with the film for the first time, way before I was even interested in costumes. This costume was made with research from other costumers who have made this costume which was very useful especially for the back of the skirt. I ended up following most of their notes, but the bodice was drafted by myself. 

The flowers are connected with duct tape and covered in green lint. They are then fastened onto the skirt with hooks and ribbon. The skirt has a small train and a pink petticoat underneath with a slight ruffle on the hem. The front point of the bodice isn't sitting as well as I had hoped but since this costume is a bit older now I would most likely be able to do it better now. The costume consists of a petticoat, skirt and bodice with the bustle sewn onto the skirt, this gets attached to the bodice using poppers. 

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