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Categories: TV, Cosplay

A few years ago I decided to cosplay Lady Margaery from the popular show Game of Thrones as she was one of my favourite characters and I always loved her costumes. For this event Elfia I decided to recreate one of her most familiar costumes; a blue dress with a gold flower pattern on the bodice. 

As I had only recently started making costumes I couldn't find a right fabric for the bodice, so instead I got a blue taffeta and decided to recreate the gold details. This was done with paint and to make it stand out a bit more I embroidered all the edges with brown thread. I did try and recreate the original Rubelli pattern as seen on the actual costume, but this would be painted rather than woven. 

The bodice pattern consists of two overlapping pieces without any darts or seams, the skirt is a full circle skirt and the sleeves is the same fabric as the skirt (although dyed for it to appear a slightly different tone) with craft foam in the middle (which at that point seemed like a good idea having just started out) which are then attached to the bodice. The rose on the front of the costume is made out of Worbla which was then primed and painted, this is attached with blue ribbons onto the costume.

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