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Staying busy after graduating

To make sure I keep up with sewing projects I took on dressmaking after finishing my degree. Working in a local fabric shop has made me look at commercial patterns such as Simplicity many times but when I had tried these in the past they never fit.

I decided to give them a go and have made some garments after graduating, either drafted myself or by using a pattern. Below are some examples. For more dressmaking and general sewing please visit my Instagram page.

From left to right:

1) Tailored Jacket (Simplicity). A request from my partner was a casual jacket he could wear to work. As I started this late November I opted for a pattern rather than drafting this to save time. He picked out a suiting fabric and funky lining and the jacket was made up using the pattern instructions. I had been taught some tailoring techniques so there were some things such as the collar that I would do different next time, but he was a happy customer!

2) Zodiac dress (drafted). This dress pattern was copied off a dress I had hanging in my wardrobe and slightly adjusted in length. Using a cotton fabric I made this lovely elasticated dress with buttons down the front, this pattern will be used again for other dresses.

3) 40s dress (Simplicity). This dress was the first 'trickier' patterns to follow which resulted in this 40s style dress. I ended up putting it up for sale, but it was a good introduction to dressmaking patterns.

4) Bra making (Pattern). A bra making kit and pattern instructions were followed to create this classic band bra. Mistake was made with a misplacing of the channels but overall wearable and decent fit.

5) Pinafore dress (drafted). Since I have trouble fitting store-bought pinafore dresses I made my own. Using a half circle skirt and front attached I created this mustard pinafore dress which includes pockets and is one of my favourite items to wear.

6) Cardigan/top/skirt. An outfit that could match. This 'coatigan' was made using a soft grey knit but the pattern would work better with a sturdier fabric. The skirt was made using a checked fabric and Simplicity pattern. The top was my first time sewing a jersey garment and the pattern was adapted from one I had laying around.

7) Combination of printed garments - two jumpsuits (both using a Simplicity/New Look pattern) and two dresses that I drafted the pattern for. 

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