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Categories: Men's costume, Historical,Tailoring

Model: Paul Taylor

During our second year at university we participated in a module where we made several costume designs based on stories by the Brothers Grimm. I ended up choosing the story of Thousandfurs, a story I initially wasn't familiar with. After making several designs I ended up going for a character called 'The Second King'. For this project I wanted to challenge myself and make a men's costume as this was something new, and I also wanted to include tailoring.


The designs initially had elements of creative pattern cutting but I decided to remove these and focus on the tailoring aspect. Patterns were sourced from historical men's patterns, blocks and samples based on other physical garments. The final costume is made up of a red tailored (fairly thick) coat, made out of calico, polyester lining and duchess satin. The coat is decorated with a gold trim and has darker velvet cuffs with gold buttons. I have also made a pair of beige cotton trouser/breeches (original trouser pattern but with breeches front flap). Quick change was considered for this costume so the silk shirt is fake and is more of a bib-shape, fastened with poppers. The whole costume is then finished off with a blue silk sash and rosette for a royal look. 

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