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the cheshire cat

alice in wonderland


Categories: Ballet, Performance, Costume Design

Model: Chani Allott

This costume is my interpretation for the character of 'The Cheshire Cat' from the Royal Opera House's 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland', as part of my final costume collection during my degree. This costume is participating in the Royal Opera House Prize which will be decided on later in 2021.


The character is often portrayed through puppets on stage but I wanted to turn the character into a wearable costume, either by one person or multiple dancing on stage to create the illusion of the Cheshire Cat appearing/disappearing.


Elements of cats were researched and applied onto the costumes such as stripes, use of fur, texture and different colours and the top of the bodice is shaped as cat ears. Decorated sleeves, tights and a headpiece finish the costume off. The skirt consists off different coloured layers so multiple colours are always visible. During the story this costume is recognisable yet appealing on stage. 

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