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Categories: Performance, West End

Model: Eleanor Wilkinson

During our last year at university we did a project called our 'Personal Project'. For this project we got to fill in our own briefs which meant that we could make any costume we want, whether it's for film, theatre or something else. Once I knew we were going to do this type of project I was instantly set on a West End remake costume. I chose this Hannibal Slavegirl from Act I from The Phantom Of The Opera as it's one of my favourite productions and I love how they work with different layers and textures, which was something I had not really done before. Research was gathered based on the social media accounts of the main actresses and contact with the Wardrobe team, trying to get the costume as close to the original one as I could.

The costume consists of a steel boned- green and red bodice, a separate belt with the ropes attached and a pair of green velvet knickers. Appliques and trims were sourced to fill in the decorative pieces, these come from all over the place. This project included a lot of problem solving because even though I had gotten some information from the wardrobe team, I still had to figure out a lot myself. Overall apart from some flaws fitting-wise in the back of the costume I'm very proud of the result and it is my favourite costume to date, especially since Phantom is my favourite production so it will always have a special place in my heart.

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