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Categories: Performance, Ballet

Model: Chani Allott

During our second year at university we got the chance to make a professional tutu. The theme was 'white' which meant we were completely free on how to shape and embellish our tutus. We were taught how to make the tutu plate during workshops by Amanda Hall, Head of Thurrock Costume Workshop and experienced tutu maker. She gaves us tips and tricks, insights into the world of tutu making, we looked at details and she taught us to consider the different stages during the dance that we had to take into account when it came to embellishment.

 I ended up ordering several trims, fabrics and appliques and ended up embellishing the tutu with fabrics and embellishments along the way. During this module we also considered multiple performer wear, meaning seam allowances are kept for alterations and multiple hooks and bars have been added. Due to the tutu being able to be worn by multiple performers, I also fitted this on another model available, Nina.

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