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Categories: Historical, Tailoring, Millinery, Collaboration

Model: Dani Labruyere (me)

To celebrate the 100 years of Struggle for Suffrage, I did a collaborative project with fellow peers Eleanor Wilkinson and Irene Marin Vega for the National Trust for their location 'The Workhouse' in Southwell, Nottingham. Our group got given Lady Mary Hoskyns, who was an Aristocrat and bishop's wife. She was a member of the Mother's union, working to promote the idea of Christian values to mothers in impoverished countries, as well as helping to establish the Southwell branch of the NUWSS.

Our group collaboratively came up with moodboards and costume designs, chose our fabrics accordingly and divided our pattern and garment tasks, which would include a skirt, petticoat, shirtwaist, jacket and Edwardian hat.. My main focus was the petticoat, skirt and hat but I also helped a lot with finishing of the jacket. Aside from that I was also the model for this group so I was only able to assist with fittings in a certain way. As part of the brief stretch elements were also considered for this costume. This costume was eventually sold to the National Trust and was on exhibit for a few months at the Workhouse. Our costumes are now used for reenactments. 

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